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Gay guys give advice to bi-curious bro who wants to go on his first same-sex date

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One straight Reddit user attracted hundreds of comments and even more upvotes on the r/askgaybros forum this month—and not because of any queerbaiting.

This guy told the gay bros that a man asked him out, and given his bad luck with women, he’s considering saying yes. “Would that be totally wrong?” he asked.In the preamble to his post, this Reddit user—we’ll call him Quentin the Questioner—said he doesn’t have much romantic experience.

He has kissed a few girls, but he’s still a virgin at age 24, he revealed. QQ also said he has “great friends,” a “good social life,” and a “decent job,” and he gets many compliments about his looks.“But I’m super short, and it probably doesn’t help that I’m wiry instead of buff or anything,” he added. “Girls are basically never interested, and I think I get it.

They’re usually bigger than me, which probably feels weird, and if they’re not bigger, then they still have dozens of guys who are bigger than me interested in them too.

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