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Gay man ‘beaten by bouncers’ at popular LGBTQ+ nightclub in Manchester

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Content warning: This story may include topics that could make some readers feel uncomfortable. Ronan Gordon said that during a visit to Bloom on 22 January, he was subjected to a brutal attack at the hands of the venue’s security guards. “Last night while I was in Bloom I was targeted by 5 bouncers and beaten in a unprovoked attack,” he wrote on Instagram, “I have a broken nose a shattered eye socket and have to have surgery, I’m full of cuts and bruises, I was knocked unconscious on the floor, they was told to stop but carried on.” The 21-year-old expressed his shock that such a thing would happen in Manchester, his hometown and a place where he spends a lot of time only “to be beaten up by bouncers, in a well known gay bar.” Alongside his story, Ronan shared four images of himself looking bloodied and beaten after the alleged incident.

He also pleaded for anyone with footage of what happened to send it to him, clarifying that it took place between 4:30am to 6am.

In a statement shared to its social media channels on 24 January, Bloom confirmed that it is “aware and deeply shocked by the incident” and added that the team is “working directly with the police to resolve this.” The post Gay man ‘beaten by bouncers’ at popular LGBTQ+ nightclub in Manchester appeared first on GAY TIMES.

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