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Gay Man Killed in Texas Prison

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A gay inmate in Texas who died in prison was murdered and did not die by suicide.The death of Justin Levi Galloway, was a “homicide” resulting from “ligature/asphyxiation” according to local KJAS which obtained a copy of the autopsy report.

On August 5, Galloway, 42, was found in his cell with a noose around his neck at the Gib Lew Unit in Woodville. His death was initially reported as a death by suicide, but his family told local media that Galloway told them he feared for his life behind bars.“The level of malicious demoralization my brother had to endure is unspeakable and should never be inflicted upon any human being,” Galloway’s sister, Sarah Frodge, told the Dallas Voice.She said Galloway, who was in the last year of a five-year sentence and due for parole, had recently written her saying the prison guards didn’t value his life.

His body was found on August 5 with a noose around his neck, as well as a puncture wound to his neck.Galloway’s death was initially ruled death by suicide, but the family was always suspicious.

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