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Drunk Man on Plane Gives Epic Homophobic Rant, Pays the Price

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A highly intoxicated man who used anti-gay slurs and racist language in the cabin of a passenger jet was booted off a scheduled flight on Tuesday.

Viral video first posted to TMZ shows the man roaming the aisle and searching overhead bins for his luggage as crew and airport security personnel wait to escort him off the plane, which was due to fly from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Dallas, Texas.The video opens showing the man arguing with a flight attendant and calling the passengers “f*gg*ts.

Flight attendants can be seen continuously prompting the man to locate his bag so he can be escorted from the plane.“It’s a f*cking Foley, a Swedish-made bag,” the intoxicated man said loudly, and he later in the video described the luggage as a “better bag than most y’all can afford.” The man also sarcastically claimed he was a racist due to the color of his luggage.“Yeah obviously I’m a white guy who picked a black bag I’m a racist,” he can be heard saying to the flight attendant and the rest of the passengers.When told he was being kicked off the plane, he demanded to know if the airline intended to “compliment him another flight.”He also expressed the hope that the plane, filled with “liberal f*cking f*gg*ts” as he described them, would crash mid-flight.When the man identified himself as a chemical engineer who works at Glaxo Smith Kline, several passengers can be heard saying “not anymore” in near unison.

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