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Gay Men Are Answering The Questions Straight Men Are Too Afraid To Ask, And They’re Doing It Without Judgement

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ifitshouldpleaseyou"Is he the man I want to be with, or simply the man I want to be."—Longjumping-Buy-4736"I wish I could hold my husband's hand when we're in public without having that anxiety that someone will start being an asshole to us.

I've gotten better about doing it anyway."—fhrblig"My longest relationship was 13 months, and I never met his family because he wasn’t, and still isn’t, out.

I also wasn’t able to introduce him to my family out of his fear of somehow being outed by accident. So when I’d tell my family about him, and try and explain why we didn’t take photos together, just photos of ourselves at the same places, they thought I was making up an entire relationship. It drives me insane sometimes because people often only think of relationship experience through a 'heteronormative lens.' For instance, my brother saying, 'Well, it must not have been a serious relationship since you never introduced him to the family,' is harmful because it takes no consideration for the real lived experience of an oppressed minority."—handsome_jack123—Lucky_Lion31"For me, it’s easy.

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