Straight Men Are Sharing The Weird Things They Were Told Not To Do Because It’s "Gay," And It’s Only Further Proof Of Just How Archaic Fragile Masculinity Is

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Lichsenate"I've had this happen. Like, damn, what kind of ego makes someone determine 'if this person isn't into me, it can only be because they are not sexually attracted to my gender'?"—Thesadzombie—captainmagictrousers"Real men just rip the sandwiches in half with their own hands."—Top_Belt251"When I'm feeling extra manly, I just take a bite out of a cow and then chew on some raw wheat.

Like a man."—AmigoDelDiabla—KentuckyFriedEel"If you didn't start with it you definitely go straight into 'Fuck You' for an encore, while maintaining contact with them the entire time, obviously."—OnlyGrimLeader—Freshrendar"I have a pink phone.

I always take my wife's old one when she upgrades. I don’t give a shit. It's in a case anyway. I work construction, no one has ever said anything.

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