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Gay/Trans 'Panic' Defense Leads to Accused Killer's Acquittal

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beating death of Jerry Paul Smith, The Roanoke Times reports. The trial took place over three days in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Christiansburg, Va.Smith, 40, had had a sexual encounter with Etute in Smith’s apartment in Blacksburg, Va.

They met on Tinder, and Etute believed Smith was a woman named Angie. Smith performed oral sex on Etute when they hooked up April 10, 2021, with Etute still believing Smith was a woman.

It is unknown if Smith identified as transgender; his family has said he was a gay man.Etute returned to Smith’s home May 31, 2021, with the intention of determining Smith’s gender.

He realized Smith was a man and became enraged. He began beating Smith.A detective and the state medical examiner “testified that most of the bones in Smith’s face were broken, he had bleeding and swelling inside his brain and he had multiple teeth knocked out,” according to the Times.

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