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Gay Twitter™ sounds off on why wet wipes are a cornerstone of queer culture

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ban on wet wipes is a patented attack on queer culture, and the gays aren’t going to stand for it.On April 4, British environment minister Thérèse Coffey told the BBC that the government plans to ban plastic-based wet wipes to fight water pollution — as if Tories haven’t done enough damage.90% of wet wipes contain plastic and flushed wet wipes do cause 93% of sewer blockages in the U.K., so the government’s concern isn’t unfounded.

But clearly, Coffey hasn’t considered the cultural impact of her plan: for obvious reasons, wet wipes are a key part of hygiene for plenty of gay people, and toilet paper alone doesn’t cut it.The British government has proposed a similar plan twice already, first in 2018 and again in 2021, and nothing’s happened to wet wipes yet.

Still, if you’re worried about keeping squeaky clean downstairs, it might be worth investing in a bidet if you haven’t already.Now, with wet wipes under attack, listen to the voice of the people to learn why we can’t do without them…whoever invented wet wipes was fighting for gay rightsStocking up on egg whites and wet wipes for gay mischief nightManchester bottoms looting Gay Aldi for wet wipes the day before they’re banned by Theresa May’re either straight (no wet-wipes in your bathroom) or gay (wet wipes in multiple rooms)So much “bottom panic” over the wet wipes ban.

With close to 10 years topping bottoms in the UK I can safely say you people weren’t using them anyway.Twitter: If you use wet wipes you gay Me: the spiritual kinship to the dude in this gay porn who is holding a wet wipe the whole time to keep lube off his handsIf a gay guy doesnt have wet wipes in his bathroom it’s a gay on gay crimeis.

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