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These pics of a young Ron DeSantis sparked a war on Gay Twitter™

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on Reddit. An old classmate apparently found their yearbook and posted photos of DeSantis as a teenager, including headshots and pics from homecoming.The photos quickly spread across social media faster than a Florida book ban.

When they made it to Twitter, plenty of folks pointed out that everything about DeSantis as a teen screams stereotypical ‘90s bully, questionable middle part and all.Ron DeSantis is a year younger than me.

Every one in my high-school that had this haircut was a massive asshole.? DeSantis in high school:’s like the haircut an order of monks would pick to make sure they couldn’t get laidRon DeSantis in high school looks like the villain in an after-school movie about the evils of bullying. was all fun and games until a tweet went viral apparently calling the raging conservative attractive.

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