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Germany: Out Health Minister Abused by Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Germany`s health minister has been spat at and verbally abused by anti-lockdown protesters. Cries of “shame and “gay pig” were hurled at a pre-local election event in Bergisch Gladbach, North-west Germany at Jens Spahn, of the ruling Christian Democratic Union(CDU).

Spahn is an out gay conservative who became Federal Health Minister in 2018. He had taken off his face-mask in order to to speak but was drowned out by the homophobic abuse.After video of the attack emerged, the economy minister Peter Altmaier took to social media to express outrage at the attacks “Anyone who spits at and molests democratically elected politicians infringes the German constitution and makes an outsider of themselves” he said on his Twitter feed.Spahn told the.

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