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Laura Ingraham’s gay brother celebrates her impending demise: “My sister’s day of reckoning is long overdue”

Tucker Carlson was ousted not long after the rightwing propaganda network agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million in damages over lies it peddled about Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss.Now, word on the street is that the network’s other resident homophobe, Laura Ingraham, whose name was on the witness list in the Dominion lawsuit, could be next.The chatter started late last week, when Jon Cooper tweeted, “With one gif, let me know how you’ll feel to see Laura Ingraham OUT at Fox News.”With one gif, let me know how you'll feel to see Laura Ingraham OUT at Fox News. ? pic.twitter.com/akeLvPp9DdHere’s how people responded… pic.twitter.com/N85WT0Qedl pic.twitter.com/RsM5J1mJWo pic.twitter.com/S3WPbN0CGc pic.twitter.com/oMwoa97Tbh pic.twitter.com/7wPSxzfaND pic.twitter.com/zYgh2W9H3A pic.twitter.com/VupfAH5nZ1 pic.twitter.com/kEAY9SPFeLIt didn’t take long for Ingraham’s brother Curtis, who never misses an opportunity to roast his awful baby sister, to join in.

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