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Herschel Walker Mocks Transgender Military Members

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C-SPAN.“Hey, just think about it: Pronoun? In our military?” he said to laughter from the crowd and those present at the event, including Republican Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.). “How do you identify?

In our military? These are war times. What happened to push-ups? Sit-ups?“Because I can tell you right now, China, Iran, and Russia are not talking about pronouns,” Walker added, referring to three countries that are infamous for their brutal crackdowns on LGBTQ rights and imprisonment or — in the case of Iran, executions — of LGBTQ people.Walker’s comments were part of a much longer diatribe railing against the political Left, blaming them for all the ills befalling the United States, due in part to their continued embrace of “wokeness,” a term that conservatives have redefined as being overly concerned with issues of social justice and political correctness.“They got us believing we can bring wokeness into our military,” Walker lamented. “We should never bring wokeness into our military.

The greatest lethal fighting force ever assembled. And they’re bringing wokeness into our military”Walker’s comments mocking pronouns and the idea of transgender service members are interesting, in light of attacks from political opponents who have accused Walker of falsely claiming to have served in the military.

That controversy stems from an interview the candidate gave to Rolling Out, a Black media outlet, in which he claimed to have enjoyed success in life beyond football. “I’ve been very fortunate in the business world.

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