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How Polish & Hungarian Activists Are Helping Queer Ukrainian Refugees

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I wrote last month before the war started, “spells doom for LGBTQ+ rights, on which progress has slowly started in Ukraine. Last September, over 7,000 people gathered in the capital city of Kyiv for the annual March for Equality, according to the Associated Press.”For that column, I spoke with a leading Ukrainian LGBTQ+ activist, Vira Chernygina, who told me at the time that “the rapid flow of pressuring information is significantly worsening the mental health and quality of life of people and communities around the country.”Her city of Kharkiv has been one of the most brutally attacked cities since it's located near Ukraine's border with Russia.

It has gotten unimaginably worse, particularly for those who have been forced to leave behind their homes, communities, neighbors, family, and friends.

These were people who went to work each day, walked to school, went to the movies and malls, socialized in bars, and met loved ones out for dinner.

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