How To Achieve The Best Experience Out Of Your Sex Doll?

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You have probably acquired a sex doll to explore your sexual fantasies and make them come to life. With this toy, you will finally be able to unleash your erotic desires comfortably. No one can restrict you from satisfying yourself when with a sex doll.

While it is arguable that masturbating while watching porn is the best way to pleasure yourself, fun times with a realistic sex doll can transcend you to an out-of-this-world experience. Make the most of your sex toy purchase with these tips on how to achieve the best experience with your sex doll:

The Four Senses

Once you have unboxed your sex doll, the first thing that comes to mind is how undeniably realistic they are. Although, you might not be sure how to make love with it yet. Do not worry since you can easily flaunt those sexual capabilities by starting with your senses.

Once you hold your doll, use your strong sense of touch and feel. You will notice how similar the skin's softness is to a real person. The genitals are also realistically textured like an actual vagina, penis, anal, and oral canal. There are also depths for each sexual hole that can accommodate your size and preference. All of the love openings work just as you think they would function on a real person, especially since they are made up of silicone.

You can even use the sense of smell on this beautiful body by adding your favorite perfume. The scent can trigger intimate hormones and turn the sex with your doll into the most incredible experience. However, do remember to spray the perfume on the doll's clothing instead; because alcohol-based fragrances are unsafe for silicone.

If you want to take the make-out session to the next level, you can savor the doll's taste with flavored lip products applied on the lips and genitals. Then, use your tongue to relish these flavors as you engage in sexual acts with your doll.

Use Sex Props

Remember, you are about to have natural, sultry, and exciting sex with a love doll. They may have human-like features, but they won't respond like a person. This widens the possibilities as to what you can do with them. To make the experience more thrilling, use adult toys and sex props such as vibrators, butt plugs, or handcuffs on your doll. You may be able to discover your capabilities of dominance in bed and find your sexual fetishes.

If you still aren't satisfied with the sex, you can customize your doll in any way you want to increase engagement. Dress your sex doll in lingerie and put a wig on it. You can turn your doll into a person that you might find attractive. It may be your favorite celebrity or fictional character. This can widen your imagination and help increase your libido.

However, be gentle in making your toy pretty. Sex dolls are made of synthetic skin. Avoid letting them wear tight and heavy clothing that can cause permanent marks and flatten the texture of your device. They may not have emotions, but they do have eerily human-like features.

Introducing the Elasti-doll

Sex dolls can make all kinds of sexual poses. You can also stretch them in any way you want. Additionally, their heads, arms, elbows, and legs can be tilted and turned in various positions. You can also imitate the Kama Sutra positions to widen your sexual exploration. However, be careful because they easily break due to their material.

Here are some exciting sex positions: the raised missionary–the doll's legs are straightened up in the air while her vagina is at the same height as your penis. For women, you can try scissors by laying on their back with one leg raised and the other leg flat on the bed to position yourself easily. The male sex doll can move under the raised leg so that his artificial penis can thrust into you.

When you want to add penetration, you can try anal sex, which indulges almost all sexual fantasies. Most dolls have open mouths, so you may want to try as many blowjobs as you wish--without the gag reflex. Do not forget to apply a water-based lubricant to add a tingling feeling while getting jiggy with your toy.

Here's an additional tip; watch some hot pornographic videos while having sex with your doll. You can replicate the exact positions of the couple in the video. This amplifies the sex adventure that can make you reach the climax faster and uninhibited.

Think Before You Lick

We have good news - love doll manufacturers have announced that sex doll users can finish inside those love openings of the doll. Unfortunately, the bad news is toys can spread sexually transmitted infections because they retain fluids that build up bacteria.

Once you feel an itching or burning feeling in your genitals, listen to your body and go to the doctor right away. Of course, you must protect yourself while enjoying all the thrills that your sex doll offers.

To avoid that problem, buy from a trustworthy company such as for body-safe toys. A good company has excellent reviews and is very transparent about their products. In addition, you can ensure the materials used are safe for your body because they don't disrupt your hormones.

After purchasing your sex doll, check for the washing instructions because they require you to wash the toy regularly after every use. You can store them in a temperature room to avoid molds that may cause the spread of germs. Prevention is better than cure, so strictly follow the tips.

Sex dolls are suitable for all legal ages. Regardless If you are single or in a relationship, a love doll makes your sex life active without risking too much uncertain human interaction. It is the perfect inclusion to your life because it lets you experience lovemaking without the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases and feeling any attachments.

Did you know that this sex toy can be an addition to your current relationship as well? Before diving into that idea, ask for consent from your partner. Once they have agreed to your idea, then have a threesome along with this adult toy.

A sex doll is more than a toy. It offers an extraordinary experience for the sexual individual. There are countless benefits that sex dolls provide–such as developing assertiveness by ameliorating your performance anxiety in bed. Now, unravel those imaginations and revive that sexual healing.

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