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American Girl Denies Outing Molly Doll as Gay on First Day of Pride

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gayest doll, she still ticked a lot of boxes. As The Cut noted, she wore a lot of argyle, was an athlete, and was notably fixated on a female teacher in her stories.

And queer American Girl fans, once grown up, definitely picked up on all of these vibes. So when the American Girl Instagram decided to share a note specifically aimed at “the Molly girls” on the first day of Pride, it didn’t take long for LGBTQ+ people familiar with these dolls to read between the lines.“To all the Molly girls in the world: We see you.

And we celebrate you,” the post read. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite that lucky. American Girl told The Cut that “The new Molly collection releasing today is simply aligned with when all of our new summer product is debuting.

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