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Indiana city councilman apologizes for comments attacking LGBTQ people and Black Lives Matter

South Bend Tribune, Galloway continued his rant, saying: “Let’s wake up and take care of everybody in our community. Our whole country.

I don’t understand Black Lives Matter, I probably never will, but it’s for all of us, Okay? That’s my comment.”Galloway’s comments were swiftly denounced by his fellow councilmembers and La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody.“People can do what they need to do outside of here, but in here we represent the city of La Porte and we’re excited to do that, and we are welcoming for everybody here in La Porte,” Dermody said in a statement to local news station ABC57. “That’s not who we are and that’s not what La Porte is.”Councilwoman Laura Cutler said she was “deeply concerned” about Galloway’s comments, and distanced.

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