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Is your spidey sense tingling? Because it’s Spider-Man Day and the webs are coming out!

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Happy Spider-Man Day!August 1 is here. The day marks Spidey’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, cover-dated August 1, 1962.From Tom Holland to Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield to Neil Patrick Harris, Spider-Man’s web has been uptown to downtown to toon town and back.Happy Spider-Man day to them ??#spidermanday— I’m not the werewolf (@PadaleckixSofer) August 1, 2022Spider-Man has had a choke-hold on queer fans for decades.

Even before the heartthrob actors started to bring the hero to the big screen, the lythe, lycra-clad lad with nothing but quippy one-liners and a cool $3 in his bank account has been a queer crowd favorite.And it’s not just the audience that has felt the fruit apparent in the Spider-Man universe.Andrew Garfield famously wanted to get Michael B.

Jordan to be his M.J., Tom Holland said “of course” Spider-Man could be gay, and Marisa Tomei pushed for her “Aunt May” character to have a girlfriend.Even while shooting their latest MCU installment Spider-Man: No Way Home, which featured all three major Spider-Man players, Garfield revealed that the actors had “compared bulges” in their suits.

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