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This tight-knit town is willing to pay thousands to catch the coward vandalizing their pride flags

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Homes displaying Pride decor in Frenchtown, New Jersey have fallen victim to a string of vandalism this week. Now, citizens and authorities are fighting back.Over the course of August 7th and 8th, eleven Pride flags were reportedly torn down across the city.

Some were badly damaged in their flagpole mounts, while others were removed entirely.After resident Al Leigh Sotold’s rainbow flag was cut in its holder on Sunday, she placed a sign out front pointing to it and reading, “THIS IS A HATE CRIME.” On Monday, she found her sign, another rainbow flag, and a Black Lives matter sign all thrown in the Delaware river nearby.Related: Arsonist almost sets himself on fire trying to burn down a Pride flag displayFrenchtown is, by all accounts, a rather progressive small town.

They annually host Pride parades, have regular queer-centered events, and have Pride flags hanging up all over town.Grace Fiorito, who lives across the street from Sotold, also had two Pride flags taken and a hateful message left at her family home.

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