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Anti-LGBTQ Leader Put on the Spot by CNN Host for Flipping Out Over Being Booted From a Virginia Restaurant

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On Saturday morning, CNN host Michael Smerconish put the head of a rightwing group hostile to the rights of the LGBTQ community on the spot as she whined that she and her colleagues were refused service at a Virginia restaurant over their views — while at the same defending the rights of Christian businesspeople refusing to work with same-sex couples.

On Dec 2, Virginia Business reported that the Metzger Bar and Butchery, in Richmond’s Union Hill neighborhood, canceled reservations made by members of the Family Foundation of Virginia because employees and the owner didn’t feel comfortable serving the group that is opposed to equal rights for all.

That led the president of the group, Victoria Cobb to the Smerconish show where the host attempted multiple times to get her to admit that denial of service to her group was no different than a Christian baker refusing to make a cake for a same-sex couple which she felt was — and is — justified. “I know you follow the arguments as I did this past Monday in the Supreme Court on the same issue,” Smerconish prompted her. “It’s incredible the timing of all of this.

Justice Sotomayor said, ‘hey, if we allow the web designer to not have to design that web for the same-sex couple, for the first time in our history we’re going to be saying it’s okay to discriminate based on gender identity, based on race, based on religion.'” ALSO IN THE NEWS: New court ruling has opened the door for the DOJ to get another Trump search warrant: legal expert “You know it’s a slippery slope argument,” he continued. “Would you similarly say a web designer doesn’t have to make a cake (sic) for an inter-racial marriage because they don’t agree with that from their religious point of view?” “I think we are

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