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Janelle Monáe Comes Out as Nonbinary: I Am Everything

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come out as pansexual in 2018. In the episode, they also opened up about that aspect of their life."When I see people, I see your energy first, I don't see how you identify," they said. "I feel like that opens you up to fall in love with any beautiful spirit, you know." Monáe went on to say they had waited until they had worked everything out internally, and discussed it with their family before opening up to the world.In June 2020, Monáe tweeted the hashtag #IAmNonbinary.

Some thought that was a coming out. They later clarified in a profile that they tweeted it "in support of Nonbinary Day and to bring more awareness to the community." At the time, they said they resonated with the meme of Steven Universe's Stevonnie being asked "Are you a boy or a girl?"Monáe has not clarified their pronouns yet.In the Red Table Talk, Monáe explained the conversations they had with their family.

Their mom had questions and their grandmother was "super religious.""My whole family is church ... church, church," they explained. "So I was just like 'what does it mean to go against your whole family on this thing?' But I was ready!

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