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Journalist subjected to vile homophobic attack in Manchester’s Gay Village

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A journalist was the victim of a homophobic attack after a night out in Manchester’s Gay Village on 12 August. Daniel McLaughlin, who identifies as bisexual and works as a podcast producer for the Manchester Evening News, told the outlet that he was wearing a rainbow badge and standing with his non-binary friend on Sackville Street when the incident took place.

The two were waiting for a taxi when a man, who appeared to be in his early twenties, approached them. “He was calling us nonces, f******s, perverts – every homophobic slur under the sun.

He fixated on calling us names,” the 28-year-old explained, adding that the perpetrator was muttering things under his breath before the attack. “I started saying ‘we’re not nonces, we’re puffs, there’s a difference’ – to which he became more aggrieved, shouting the same slurs.

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