Rhiannon Wilde: I Am Deeply Interested In Championing Queer Stories

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Self-described as a ‘bubbly bookish bisexual”, Rhiannon Wilde is deeply interested in championing queer stories and believes that being queer underpins her way of viewing the world, the stories she thinks of and the characters that pop into her head when she writes.

When it comes to her writing practice, the themes that she enjoys exploring often stem from a “questioning of the self” and the “defining moments that lead up to and come from it.”She describes her latest novel, Where You Left Us, as one that brings her a lot of joy, where she’s able to approach both mental health and queer relationships by including a character with anxiety and exploring a budding romance that occurs between two bisexual girls.

In its earliest forms, Where You Left Us was written as a single perspective from one character before Wilde developed a dynamic between two sisters in the novel and wanted to shed light on the individual journeys that they had. ‘Where You Left Us’ by Rhiannon Wilde.

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