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Kristi Noem is having a super craptastic day and it only seems to be getting worse

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is not having a great day. Or a great week, for that matter. And by the looks of things, tomorrow probably isn’t going to be so great for her either.

Next week’s looking not great, as well.Rumors that the “family values” Republican, who once supported an amendment banning same-sex marriage, is having an extramarital affair with adviser Corey Lewandowski, who previously served as Trump’s campaign manager, are swirling all over social media.Related: Gov.

Kristi Noem has been on a homophobic hate bender for the last 48 hours on TwitterAccording to the conservative blog American Greatness, the alleged affair has been going on for some time now and isn’t exactly a secret among GOP insiders.“There are members of.

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