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Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin Comes Out As Bisexual & Says She Always Felt Like She Was ‘Born Into The Wrong Body’

Carole Baskin is opening up about something she’s known on the inside for a LONG time! The Tiger King star is fresh off her turn on the high-profile reality TV competition show Dancing with the Stars, still basking in the publicity afforded to her — and her organization, Big Cat Rescue — through that venture.

With that, she’s on the interview circuit, talking to outlets about her life, her work with tigers, and her sometimes controversial past. Related: Carole Sued By Missing Ex’s Family For Defamation! On Monday, she sat down for a virtual video interview with PinkNews, in which the Netflix star revealed something very interesting about her sexual and romantic attractions: she’s “always” thought of herself as bisexual!

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