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Monkeypox Vaccine Supply to Expand by Thousands

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HHS press release.The outbreak, about 250 cases across 25 states, has many people worried, but there is some reassuring news.

Monkeypox virus, or MPV, isn’t a new, unknown virus like COVID-19, it’s seldom fatal (there have been no deaths due to the latest U.S.

outbreak), and cases are usually self-limiting, although people with compromised immune systems due to HIV or other factors may develop more serious symptoms.

The vaccine has been around for a while, and so has treatment.“The U.S. has had monkeypox outbreaks in the past 20 years, and we’ve been able to respond effectively,” Raj Panjabi, senior director for global health security at the White House, tells The Advocate.But MPV, the name Panjabi prefers to use for the virus, can be unpleasant and painful, so that’s good reason to get vaccinated against it.

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