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Mugged by Reality, Again

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Is a decade of destructive progressive ideology finally coming to an end? Even if San Franciscans choose not to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Tuesday, the fact that some of America’s most reliably liberal voters put one of America’s most leftward D.A.s at serious risk of losing his job is a sign of hope.

Liberal patience for what Mayor London Breed of San Francisco calls “all the bullshit that has destroyed our city” — aggressive shoplifting, rampant car burglaries, open-air drug use, filthy homeless encampments, sidewalks turned into toilets — is finally running thin.

Progressive overreach has its price. Even for progressives. What’s going on in San Francisco is happening nationwide, and not just in matters of criminal justice and urban governance.

In one area after another, the left is being mugged by reality, to borrow Irving Kristol’s famous phrase. Consider a few examples: Inflation.

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