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He disinvited his gay brother from his wedding, so why is the Internet siding with him?

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Bold fashion choices are practically a queer birthright, but every so often, a little self-editing is called for.A soon-to-be-married straight man uninvited his gay brother, Sam, from the wedding after seeing Sam’s planned choice of attire — a rainbow-colored tuxedo.Sam called the snub “homophobic,” but many online feel the groom was justified in his actions.To be clear, the bride and groom set a “black and white only” dress code for their big day, so showing up in a rainbow tux does seem like a fairly big cry for attention.

Plus, you never want to upstage the bride.Sharing the story on the ever-so-popular AITA (Am I The A**hole) Reddit forum, the groom said he was initially excited to have Sam and his boyfriend Jack at the wedding.Related: She brought a homophobic date to gay cousin’s engagement party.

It didn’t end well.That excitement was dramatically dampened when Sam sent his brother a photo of his outfit a week before the event.“Initially I thought he was joking so I said ‘lmao.’ He was very hurt and told me to go f*** myself.” He added he’s always been comfortable with whatever Sam wore in the past, but that given the circumstance, it felt inappropriate.The groom told his brother “he could come if he didn’t wear the outfit,” but Sam dug his rainbow-colored heels in the sand and refused.“He said it cost a lot of money and he didn’t want it to go to waste because ‘I was being homophobic,'” the groom wrote.“I am very much not homophobic,” he added.

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