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WATCH: A gay man is haunted by his past—and nightmare wolf-men—in this paranoid horror

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Hypochondriac—one gay man’s nightmarish descent into paranoia.From first-time feature director Addison Heimann, the film follows a successful young potter named Will (American Horror Story‘s Zach Villa) who has a loving boyfriend (The Flash‘s Devon Graye) and a happy life, despite a traumatic past he’s worked hard to forget.

When his estranged and institutionalized mother makes contact for the first time in over 10 years, he starts hallucinating haunting images of a man in a wolf costume (which gives us major Donnie Darko vibes, we might add).Unfortunately for Will, no one else seems to notice these masked menaces, and, as he gradually loses his grasp on reality, he finds himself falling into the darkness that consumed his mom—a journey that drives a wedge between him and his boyfriend and the rest of the life he’s built for himself.Also starring television royalty Paget Brewster, Hypochondriac made waves when it played a number of genre festivals over the past year, including SXSW.

Now, in the lead-up to its release, there’s a frightening new trailer that will give you a taste of the horrors to come.And, honestly?

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