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My transgender diary: 'A plague of depression has probably infected more people than the virus'

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coronavirus, 99.94 per cent of us have not, thankfully, perished of the disease and 99.6 per cent of NHS hospital beds are NOT occupied by Covid patients.But there is another plague stalking the land, caused less by Covid-19 itself than our societal reaction to its threat.

It is a plague of loneliness, unhappiness, depression, sadness, and isolation. I suspect it has infected far more people than the virus has ever done.

And while I have never tested positive for C-19, I’ve certainly got a bad case of those bitter lockdown blues.Everyone has different reasons to be unhappy.

My deepest wounds date back six years to the collapse of my marriage and the fracturing of my family. This is a subject from which I have, for all sorts of reasons,.

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