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My transgender diary: 'I was in no mental state to undergo surgery'

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my father was my rock, my one unfailing source of love, reassurance and a really good hug. Now he’s gone, my emotions are like a house built on sand, unstable and prone to collapse.Anyway… my parents spent more than 20 years living apart before reuniting about 12 years ago.

Each acquired a personal household’s worth of stuff, none of which they ever threw away, on top of their marital possessions.

Plus, they were both only children and thus inherited all of their parents’ goods and chattels.Their house is therefore crammed with centuries’ worth of accumulated junk, and it all has to be sorted out.

I went round there one evening to help my sister Harriet with this Herculean task.Our target area was the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. ‘That.

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