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Officer Caught in Alleged Homophobic, Vulgar Rant Toward Student

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A Tennessee sheriff's department is investigating an incident involving one of its school resource officers who was caught on tape berating a student with misogynistic and vulgar language.In an audio clip that went viral online, a Smyrna High School student can be heard being verbally harassed, allegedly by a school resource officer.

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.A clip from the alleged incident first went viral on TikTok and circulated on other social media platforms.In the audio clip, an adult identified by the department as Rutherford County Sheriff's deputy and Smyrna High School resource officer Matt King asks, "Are you a girl?"The teen responds, "I'm a male." King replies, deriding the teen, "Are you sure, because you f**kin' fight like a girl; pulling someone's hair?

That's a f**king bitch move, man," the law enforcement officer can be heard saying.The student is heard trying to explain what led up to the situation, at which time the adult man yells at the child, "F**k you!

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