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Olivia Jade Now Claims She Got Straight A’s In High School As She Tries To Debunk College Admissions Rumors

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Olivia Jade’s parents may have bought her way into college, but she could have gotten in on her own, guys — really! Lori Loughlin’s daughter has been attempting to step out of the shadow of the college admissions scandal for years now, but it still follows her wherever she goes.

She can’t even escape it on her own podcast, Conversations with Olivia Jade, where she recently tried to set the record straight about her work ethic. Related: Olivia Jade Worries She’s Going To ‘Get Canceled Again’! The 22-year-old acknowledged her privilege to guest Dr.

Hillary Goldsher on the most recent episode, saying: That’s maybe a bit of an understatement, but go on. She continued: That may actually be true.

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