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Partners in hate target LGBTQ Texans

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Paxton has made attacking LGBTQ people the cornerstone of his work; Trump-appointed judge helps him do it Everybody knows that you don’t mess with Texas.

That’s because you don’t have to; Texas will undoubtedly mess with you. Honestly, you could just be someone who needs, say, electricity on a regular and reliable basis, and Texas is most definitely messing with you.

Their dusty-ass power grid is featured in the opening scene of 1985’s Back to the Future. And it hasn’t been updated since. But the “messing” part is especially true if you’re a part of a marginalized group.

Transgender people and their families have been the target of oppression for a long time. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been obsessed with transgender people for years, specifically obsessed with limiting trans rights.

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