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People with HIV are at twice the risk of lung cancer, study finds

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The Lancet, has looked more closely at the figures.The study was conducted by researchers from the US National Cancer Institute.

It looked at 4,310,304 individuals living with HIV between 2001 and 2016.During that period, 3,426 developed lung cancer. The study found:In people aged over 50, lung cancer overtakes Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Hodgkins Lymphoma as the leading cancer impacting those with HIV.Related: New study says HIV has a “significant” impact on aging process“For the increasing proportion of people living with HIV who are living beyond the age of 50 years, the absolute risk of lung cancer has surpassed that of common AIDS-defining cancers and is a considerable excess risk and public health burden,” the researchers say, pointing out the over-65 population with HIV will double in 2030.Part of the increased risk is down to people with HIV having a higher incidence of tobacco use.

However, this doesn’t fully explain the increased risk (especially in younger people). The researchers say a damaged immune system also plays a role, especially if someone has previously had an AIDS diagnosis.Screening for lung cancer before symptoms emerge helps pick up cases early, when they’re most treatable.

The US Preventative Services Task Force already recommends people aged 50-80 are screened for the disease.However, those working in the field of HIV have already begun calling for younger people with HIV to be screened.

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