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Succession's Brian Cox slams 'high and mighty' JK Rowling critics amid transphobia row

Brian Cox, 76, has spoken out about treatment of the Harry Potter author, slamming her "high and mighty" critics, while also claiming she is "entitled to her opinion".Brian appeared on the BBC show Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg this weekend, where he was asked about the award-winning author.He said as Metro reported: "I don’t like the way she has been treated, actually."Actually, I think she’s entitled to her opinion, she’s entitled to say what she feels, as a woman, she’s very much entitled to say what she feels about her own body."There’s nobody better to say as a woman.So I do feel that people have been a bit high and mighty about their attitude towards JK Rowling, quite frankly."JK Rowling came under fire in December 2019 when she tweeted in support of a British researcher, Maya Forstater, who was fired from the Centre for Global Development over anti-trans stances.The author then later tweeted about taking issue with the phrase "people who menstruate" and has regularly since drawn criticism from the LGBTQ+ community.Critics turned on JK Rowling for reiterating ideologies that had been linked to the trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) movement that often adopts the belief that trans women are not women.Despite Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and organisations like GLAAD voicing opposition to the author, other Harry Potter stars have supported Rowling's right to express her opinion.Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes told the New York Times last year: "JK Rowling has written these great books about empowerment, about young children finding themselves as human beings."It's about how you become a better, stronger, more morally centred human being."The verbal abuse directed at her is disgusting, it's appalling.

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Emma Watson's 'savage dig' at JK Rowling during BAFTAs over transgender row unveiled
Harry Potter film series which is based on JK Rowling's best-selling novels.The actress has previously made no secret in the past that she disagrees with the billionaire author's views on transgender rights.It comes after the 56-year-old came under fire in early June 2020 for controversial tweets she posted about the transgender community.Rowling retweeted an op-ed piece that discussed “people who menstruate,” apparently taking issue with the fact that the story did not use the word women.The initial tweet garnered a lot of backlash, but Rowling did not relent and stood by her views saying she "loves and respects every trans person" but added that at the same time "my life has been shaped by being female".The author added: "I do not believe it’s hateful to say so.”Her stance has caused fans and stars like Emma, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Eddie Redmayne to speak out against her opinions.Emma took to the stage to present the award of Best Outstanding British Film at the Royal Albert Hall back in March.After she was introduced by host Rebel Wilson, she appeared to make a savage dig at the best-selling author following her controversial comments on transgender women.As Rebel, 42, welcomed Emma to the stage, the Australian actress quipped: "Here to present the next award is Emma Watson.She calls herself a feminist, but we all know she’s a witch."To which Emma replied: "I’m here for ALL the witches."Following her statement, eagle-eyed viewers took to social media at the time to discuss whether or not the actress' comments were aimed at Rowling."Ooooooh Emma Watson throwing so much shade at JK Rowling! This is the drama I needed tonight," quipped on BAFTA viewer."Loving Emma Watson's vibe tonight.
JK Rowling accused of 'stirring hate' by Lesbian Visibility Week founder after tweet
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has faced backlash from LGBT+ campaigner and founder of Lesbian Visibility Week Linda Riley after sending out a tweet today.The writer has previously been criticised by LGBT+ groups and fans of her books about the wizarding world for her views on transgender rights. This morning, Rowling sent out a tweet to her 13.9 million followers, sharing a picture of her friend Allison Bailey marching for lesbian, gay and bisexual rights in San Fransisco back in 1991. She captioned the photo: “Lesbian Visibility Week starts today in the UK. “A good moment to salute the resilience and courage of my inspirational friend.”She then added the hashtag #IStandWithAllisonBailey in solidarity with the barrister.   Bailey is a divisive figure within the LGBT+ community due to her stance on trans issues.The lawyer describes herself as a “lifelong campaigner for racial equality, lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights”.She is currently suing the LGBT+ charity Stonewall on the grounds of discrimination, claiming the organisation is “policing free speech via its Diversity Champions scheme”.Soon after Rowling had tweeted out the image, Riley, founder of Lesbian Visibility Week, appeared to be angered by its contents.In view of her 76,600 Twitter followers she penned: “Wow! I certainly did not create #LesbianVisibilityWeek so that people like @jk_rowling could use it as a vehicle to stir up more hate within our community.  “This is a perfect example of #HowNotToBeAnAlly.”She also added the hashtags #IStandWithStonewall and #LWithTheT, which indicates the lesbian community standing in solidarity with the transgender community. The comments section under Riley’s post seemed to be split on her response to Rowling’s
Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes defends ‘generous’ JK Rowling over trans row and says abuse she’s received is ‘misplaced’
Harry Potter stars have spoken out against JK Rowling’s comments on the trans community, Miriam Margolyes has defended her, saying she ‘admires her as a human being’.Last week, the author who created the boy wizard attended a lunch with women’s rights campaigners, fuelling tension with trans equality groups a day after thousands joined a protest at Downing Street calling for a complete ban of conversion therapy in the UK.In 2020, Rowling criticised an article that referred to ‘people who menstruate’, rather than women, going on to make several contentious statements about the trans community over the past couple of years despite denying she is transphobic.Hermione Granger actor Emma Watson recently appeared to make a subtle dig at the writer, saying at the Baftas that she was ‘here for all of the witches’, which several viewers interpreted as a public act of throwing shade.In June 2020, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe emphasised that ‘transgender women are women’ in a statement shared through LGBT+ suicide prevention charity The Trevor Project, while in January this year, Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint said: ‘I liken JK Rowling to an auntie. I don’t necessarily agree with everything my auntie says, but she’s still my auntie.
Piers Morgan defends JK Rowling and insists 'she'll survive' cancel culture amid trans row
Piers Morgan has defended Harry Potter author JK Rowling, insisting "she'll survive" the attempts to cancel her following her remarks surrounding transgender issues and the definition of women.The former Life Stories host, 57, was speaking during the press launch of his new TalkTV show, Uncensored, when he insisted that like himself and his TalkTV colleague Sharon Osbourne, the Harry Potter author will survive being a victim of cancel culture.When asked to address the difference between holding someone to account and calling for them to be cancelled, the outspoken TV star was quick to clarify the two.Piers said: "You can hold people to vigorous account, you can be severely critical of people, I'm like that all the time."I write very critical columns of people."I don't call for them to be cancelled."I don't call for their lives to be ruined and then to be basically disintegrated in front of our very eyes," he added.Piers explained: "That is cancelled culture and it's getting worse and worse and worse, and people like Sharon and I will survive."JK Rowling, she'll survive the most appalling abuse and attempts to cancel her for having an opinion that she stands up for women's rights."It's appalling what happened to her, but we know where this line is," he said to Huffington Post and other publications.Earlier this this year, Piers put aside his feud with the author to defend the "cancelled" star amid the transgender row.Piers branded the treatment of the author "an absolute disgrace" amid the backlash she is facing for airing her views on the on sex and gender.He looked to the issue of the US transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, who is set to become a world champion after having joined the women's team, as an example.The swimmer
Emma Watson and JK Rowling 'rift' claim 'rejected' by Harry Potter co-star amid trans row
Harry Potter creator JK Rowling and the cast, including Hermione Granger actress Emma Watson, following the author's vocal stance on trans issues. Additionally, Emma appeared to snub the author at the BAFTA Awards earlier this year, after she said that she is "here for all the witches" while presenting an award at the event, seemingly in reference to Rowling's criticism of Labour Leader Keir Starmer saying "trans women are women".It comes after Rowling faced backlash after taking to Twitter two years ago to mock an article which used the phrase, "people who menstruate" instead of "women".Additionally, last year celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise's first installment.And while many cast and crew members were invited back to film scenes for the one-off taping, JK was nowhere to be seen.Instead, she appeared in archived clips taken from previous interviews as fans rushed to social media, under the impression JK had been snubbed from the reunion.Appearing on GB News earlier this year, Evanna attempted to dispel rumours of a rift between the cast and the creator of the wizarding world.The Luna Lovegood actress said: "I think there's things we don't all agree with and don't understand."The star went on to insist that despite a difference of opinion, they all respect each other.She continued: "I've talked to all the cast, they all have great respect for her even if they don't agree with her beliefs."I really strongly disagree with the narrative that there's a rift," she added.The star went on: "She has her beliefs and she's doing her thing.
Piers Morgan puts aside JK Rowling feud to defend 'cancelled' star amid transgender row
Piers Morgan has said he's put aside his feud with Harry Potter author JK Rowling to defend her amid the ongoing transgender row she's embroiled in.The TV personality, 56, branded the treatment of the author "an absolute disgrace" amid the backlash she is facing for airing her views on the on sex and gender publicly.Piers addressed the topic of the US transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, who is set to become a "world-beating superstar" after having joined the women's team.He wrote that the swimmer previously competed unsuccessfully on the University of Pennsylvania men's team.Piers branded the move "grotesquely unfair" in a new column but added that anyone who criticises the move is immediately branded "transphobic".The star wrote that he "unequivocally" the rights of trans people to equality and fairness but added that Thomas had a "massive biological advantage" over her competitors.Piers went on to write that defenders of women's rights are frequently subjected to "the intolerant cancel culture mob", claiming that they try to "destroy careers and lives" for the cause.The former Life Stories host looked to the case of Rowling as an example who has received death threats over the matter on Twitter.Yesterday, the best-selling author hit back at Russian president Vladimir Putin, who compared the cancellation of the Harry Potter author to the sanctions placed upon Russia for invading Ukraine.In a speech, Putin said: "They cancelled Joanne Rowling recently, the children’s author, her books are published all over the world - just because she didn’t satisfy the demands of gender rights."They are now trying to cancel our country.
JK Rowling slammed for mocking typo about 'virtue signalling' after homophobic killing
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been slammed after she mocked a typo issued by South Wales police official Twitter account following a homophobic killing in Cardiff last year.The best-selling children's author, 56, mocked the police department which saw them mistake virtue signalling for "virtual signalling" in error.In view of her 13.9 million Twitter followers, Rowling pointed out the error in a recent tweet, which was met with fury from social media users."Like virtue signalling, but for people who aren’t really a***d."The author's post comes after the Welsh police department shared their LGBT+ outreach efforts near the site of a homophobic hate crime.Following Rowling's post, social media users flocked to the comments to weigh in on her tweet.@gracepetrie replied: "I don’t want to assume that this tweet is as badly motivated as it seems, so could you clarify that you’re not actually mocking the police for promoting the safety of the LGBT community in an area where a man was recently homophobically murdered."@AlGordon1980 added: "As a writer, do you do any research or is it just whatever falls out of your head first?"However, @RyanSpires8 fired back: "And how would she have known about the link to the Bute Park incident from the initial tweet? She was responding to it at face value like most of us do! As always people are using 'reaching' techniques to concoct faux outrage." (sic)While @CeilNoyle replied to the author: "Not that you'll care, and not that anyone should have to justify anything to you, but here's the context.""Virtual signalling.