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Tyson Beckford’s serve, Matteo Lane’s pasta, & Matthew Camp’s wool socks
Colton Haynes opened up about that ancient homoerotic photo shoot, twink-flavored ice cream hit the shelves, and a queer Asian revolution kicked off in Hollywood. Here’s what happened on Instagram:Tyson Beckford served.  A post shared by Tyson C.Beckford (@tysoncbeckford)Lucas Bitencourt sunned his thighs.  A post shared by Lucas Bitencourt (@lucas_bitencourt)Kevin McHale stayed in Amsterdam.  A post shared by Kevin McHale (@kevinmchale)Matteo Lane made pasta.  A post shared by Matteo Lane (@matteolane)Chris Salvatore dropped his towel.  A post shared by Chris Salvatore (@chrissalvatore)Gus Kenworthy drank a Cann.  A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy)John Halbach showed off his fur.  A post shared by John Halbach (@johnhalbach)Matthew Camp removed his socks.  A post shared by Matthew Camp (@matthewcamp)Titanius Maximus looked up.  A post shared by Titanius Maximus (@titaniusmaximus)Max Emerson walked the dog.  A post shared by Max Emerson (@maxisms)Miles McMillan checked the view.  A post shared by Miles McMillan (@milesmcmillan)Nath Henry heated things up.  A post shared by Nath Henry (@nathanhgshore)Prince Royce hung around.  A post shared by Prince Royce (@princeroyce)Ricky Martin worked from home.  A post shared by Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin)Christian C. tanned with the plants.  A post shared by Christian C.