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‘Pronoun?’: Tom Cotton Laughs as Herschel Walker Mocks Transgender Service Members (Video)

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Herschel Walker, mocked transgender service members to his supporters as U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), stood by and laughed.

Walker has never served in the military despite his recent false claims of having had a “military career.”“Hey, just think about it: Pronoun?

In our military?” mocked Walker, 60, whose own son is gay.“How do you identify? In our military? These are war times. What happened to pushups?” hew asked as the crowd laughed. “Situps?”“‘Cause I can tell you right now, China, Iran, and Russia not talking about ‘pronouns,'” he said derogatorily, as Sen.

Cotton, who has been called a “dangerous extremist,” laughed.READ MORE: ‘As a Father, He’s Done Nothing’: Herschel Walker Urged the Mother of His Child to Have a Second Abortion – NYT“I’ve been very fortunate in the business world.

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