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Naval Aviators Draw Giant Sky Penis Pointed at Russian Military Base

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A U.S. Air Force tanker plane drew a giant penis pointing at a Russian military installation in Syria recently, but a military spokesperson said the pilots of the plane totally didn’t mean anything by their actions.The KC-135 was in an orbital flight path over the Mediterranean as it waited to refuel other planes when it made the suggestive flight path that was captured by the plane-tracking website Flightradar24. “At this time, we do not believe the crew acted inappropriately,” an Air Force spokesperson said in a statement to

The spokesperson noted the aircraft was executing a “refueling orbit consistent with requirements that met the needs of receiver aircraft.”Observant folks on social media immediately came to their own conclusions as regarding the plane’s phallic radar renderings.“Someone gave that pilot ‘the shaft’ so to speak,” laughed on commenter.

If the pilots did have an ulterior motive with the penile flight path, they would not be the first to fly a suggestive track.In 2017, reported Navy aviators used an EA-18G Growler to draw genitals in the sky near Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.

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