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Republican Gov. Vows to Veto Bill That Would Force Outing of Students

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New Hampshire Bulletin reports.The bill would require teachers and other staffers to notify parents of any action taken regarding a variety of issues with a student, including gender expression or identity.

It would also make schools establish “procedures for a parent to learn about the nature and purpose of clubs and activities offered at his or her minor child’s school, including those that are extracurricular or part of the school curriculum,” as the bill’s text states.

It would further bar school employees from encouraging students to withhold information from their parents.Sen. Becky Whitley, the only Democrat on the negotiating committee, “warned that the bill could have harmful effects on children whose parents are less accepting,” the Bulletin reports. “I think that this bill is antithetical to all the work we have done in the state to ensure that individuals in this community, in the LGBT community, can live a life free from discrimination and be safe in all communities,” she said in the committee meeting.Some Republicans raised concerns about the bill as well.

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