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The Pictures Of Vernon Gray: UPDATED

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Gray history (Images via head shot & IG) The following is a post from 2010 that many readers seemed to enjoy. Over the years, I heard various rumors about what ever happened to Vernon Gray, but the mystery may finally be solved.

A follower of mine on my Gr8erDays IG messaged me to tell me Mr. Gray died, age 94, in Mexico, on June 13, 2022. Incredibly, even though his most personal family photos fell into my hands via eBay (possibly a storage locker situation?), he was alive all this time.

I asked his friend and caregiver why he hadn't reached out sooner, while Gray was living, but he would only say Gray did not wish to be found.

Unless I get more information from this person, I won't know why he opted to live away from any distant relatives, how his life turned out or even if he were openly gay. (His photos made clear he was a gay man.) A bittersweet ending to a mystery that has long captivated me. ORIGINAL POST (2010): “With all my love to Mom & Dad” My dogs own about 100 toys, but I can't remember the last time we got them a toy that entered into the pantheon of toys that truly drive them crazy like their hard plastic play keyrings.

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