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Ricky Gervais is 'ready to shock' with rape, gay and Muslim jokes for 'adrenaline rush'

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Ricky Gervais is ready to shock when he goes back on tour.He has written new material on taboo subjects, including near-the-knuckle jokes about dwarfs, the disabled, Muslims and gay people.Other gags tackle controversial topics such as rape, the migrant crisis and climate change.And he will poke fun at big names including Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage and the late Stephen Hawking.The comic wants to take risks because it is one of the few things that gives him a thrill now he’s in his 60s.He said: “It gives me an adrenaline rush.

I think, ‘Can I say that?’. That’s the buzz for me.”Fearless Ricky, 60, is determined to push back boundaries, despite the danger of offending snowflakes.There has also been the recent backlash over Jimmy Carr joking about gypsies being killed in the Holocaust.Ricky tried out some of his new material at an intimate gig in north London last week and it went down a storm.One audience member said: “Ricky was on top form.

The new material is fantastic. Nothing was off limits. The crowd lovedevery second.”Ricky’s new tour, which is likely to go around the world, is set to be titled Armageddon.But Ricky insists he does everything he can to make sure his jokes are not offensive for the sake of it.He added: “I do worry about what people will think, so I hone the jokes to make them bulletproof.“It’s not like I go out there and think, ‘I’m going to say the first thing that comes into my head and I don’t care’.

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