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Rufus Wainwright and Brandi Carlile couple up, Miley’s gay dance party & more: Your weekly bop roundup

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new legal protections for LGBTQ+ people, a “Don’t Say Gay” bill author got her a** totally handed to her, and the light glistened right off Dan Reynolds’ abs and pecs.Not all this week’s LGBTQ+ music drops have been so sunny, though.

In between dance tracks and flowing raps, we’ve got a traditional murder ballad and an emotional synth groove. It’s a nice range.From a fluid dance party to a rapper’s rockin’ body (it’s a slant rhyme, okay), here’s your weekly bop roundup!Queerties Icon Award recipient Rufus Wainwright is all set to unveil his upcoming Folkocracy album, and who better to kick things off with than lesbian folk goddess Brandi Carlile?

The forthcoming album is going to feature the likes of Chaka Khan, David Byrne, Nicole Scherzingerd, and more, but they all have their work cut out for them after this duet.Endless Summer Vacation just dropped (coincidentally also featuring Brandi Carlile!), and new single “River” is hitting the ground running.

Miley explained the song’s origin through Spotify’s Storyline feature, recounting a dance party she threw where “every girl had to bring their gay best friend, or no entrance”.

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