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Sampson McCormick, Black Gay Comedian, Punched at Live Show

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The Advocate in an interview about the altercation. "But my shows are safe spaces, and I don't really make political jokes. I'll bring the audience with me on the joke when some subjects come up."McCormick, 36, says that a woman began heckling him about halfway through his set for no clear reason.

He, in kind, turned his attention to her and began responding. During his responses, a man in the audience approached the stage and punched him in the face hard, leading to an all-out fight.

The attacker appeared to be in his thirties, according to the comedian."As a comedian, I'm going to heckle you back," he says. "I started teasing her about the obvious, which was that she only had about three-and-a-half teeth in her mouth." In a short video posted to social media, McCormick asked, "How many teeth do you have?"  The crowd of about 100 people reacted with laughter and McCormick reveled in the audience's reaction for a few moments, joining in.Next, a woman approached the stage from off-screen, while gesticulating and yelling words at the comedian.

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