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Senate Punts Marriage Equality Vote Until After Midterms Due to GOP

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(CNN) -- The Senate will punt on a vote over same-sex marriage legislation until after the November midterm elections as negotiators ask for more time to lock down support -- a move that could make it more likely the bill will ultimately pass the chamber.Sen.

Tammy Baldwin, a leading Democratic negotiator on the bill that would codify same-sex marriage nationwide, said Thursday that more time is needed to negotiate the issue with Republicans -- and wants to delay any vote in the Senate until after the November midterm elections."We're very confident that the bill will pass, but we will need a little more time," Baldwin told CNN.Democrats had originally been eyeing a Senate vote before this fall's midterms -- potentially even as soon as next week.

Now, Baldwin says she wants the bill to come up "the day after the election."Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has vowed to hold a vote on the bill, but timing has been uncertain as it has been unclear if there will be the needed 10 GOP votes to overcome a filibuster and advance the legislation toward final passage.Democrats have pushed for the vote after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v.

Wade, sparking fears that the court could take aim at same-sex marriage in the future.A Senate vote on same-sex marriage ahead of the midterms could have put vulnerable Republicans up for reelection in a difficult spot.

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