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Spokane Baptist Preacher: ‘I Hope Every Single Homosexual Dies’

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Hemant Mehta posted this short clip video from Sunday, February 7:On Sunday, Baptist preacher Danil Kutsar was telling his congregation that he hates gay people… when he went on a quick tangent to remind them that he really, really hates gay people.Just vile stuff…— Hemant Mehta (@hemantmehta) February 10, 2022Mehta says Kutsar doubled down this past Sunday.“Praise God,” Kutsar says. “I’m happy” that “sodomites” commit suicide.“I hope that every sodomite dies,” Kutsar says in this new clip. “I hope that every homosexual dies.

I hope that every f***** dies,” he adds.The Sure Foundation’s website appears to be inaccessible, but it has a Facebook page that says its “mission is to reach the greater Spokane area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through door to door soulwinning.

To baptize converts and teach them good doctrine.”Baptist preacher Danil Kutsar became aware of the vile sermon clip I shared earlier… so he doubled down on his statement calling for the death of gay people.He also thinks most of you agree with him.

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