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Strictly star John Whaite reveals he was outed to his mother by a school teacher

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Strictly Come Dancing star John Whaite revealed that he was outed by a teacher in a new op-ed. In the lengthy essay released on 10 June, the reality TV star opened up about his emotional coming-out journey via Metro. “In year 9, I opened up to my head of year that I was gay.

It took me an hour sat in a classroom in the English block, to say the words. In fact, I didn’t say the words at all,” he wrote. “I fearfully fumbled with the phrase “I’m gay” for those 60 minutes, but every time I wanted to blurt it out my own tongue asphyxiated me, rendering me speechless. “It was, and for many still is, a horrific cliff edge to be standing on, because once said, there’s no taking it back: no re-entry to the closet.” Whaite then wrote that his head of year replied: “I think I know what you want to say and it’s fine.” However once he got home, his mother called him into her study – which he described as a place the two had serious conversations – before she revealed that his head of year had informed her of his sexuality. “I could feel the ground beneath me dissolve as my stomach rose to my throat and shame washed over me,” he described. “I didn’t know how to respond, what to say.

Do I deny it? I thought. I remember her saying we should keep it to ourselves for now.” Whaite then said that his mother’s comment stemmed from her fear of how his stepfather would react to the news. “20 years ago, straight men were different than they seem to be today,” he said.

After the tense interaction with his mother, the TV personality went on to say that he went to his sister’s room and cried himself to sleep. “I remember waking up to my sister standing in the doorway.

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