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Gay Afghan on the run after Taliban executed boyfriend says ‘I will be killed’

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Afghanistan — his boyfriend of two years had placed chilli pepper in his soup.Sabouri, 22, hated chilli peppers. Couldn’t stand them, recalls Bahar (not his real name).Bahar, 29, says the dinner date in 2020 is a ‘memory of Hamed that will never be forgotten’.

He even remembers the kaftan he wore, how he was tired that day and how Sabouri was a ‘very kind boy’. The two dated from 2018 to 2022.Taliban forces abducted Sabouri in August — nearly a year to the day since the militants retook control — dragged him to an unknown location and shot him.‘I found out after 5:00am that Hamed was killed by the Taliban because before killing him, he called me and told me that I was under threat,’ Bahar says.

Bahar desperately tried to call him back, but Sabouri’s mobile had been switched off. ‘The Taliban sent me a video of his death,’ Bahar says of the four-second clip seen by seen by Metro.co.uk, adding: ‘Telling me that you will become Hamed.’‘His memory will never be forgotten,’ Bahar says.Sabouri, from Kabul, was a regular star-gazer.

He hoped to be a doctor one day, loved romance novels and listened to Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. A single year of Taliban rule has turned Bahar’s life upside down.‘Before the Taliban came, my life was great, I was free,’ Bahar says. ‘I was not insulted anywhere, I had a love life everywhere.

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