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Jake Gyllenhaal’s himbo workout, gay cowboys unite, & Ron DeSantis gets schooled by Florida students

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It’s Monday (again). A lot happened over the weekend. Here’s just some of what you might have missed…AVENGING ANGELS: After the LA Dodgers caved to conservative wing-nuts and disinvited a drag charity group to its Pride night, the nearby Anaheim mayor invited them to the Angels’ MLB Pride night. [NBC NEWS]UNBELIEVE-ABLE: Cher celebrated her 77th birthday by proving she is an ageless superhuman. [Today]RESISTANCE U: Graduates at Florida’s New College turned their backs and shouted over the far-right commencement speaker after Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis fired the school’s board and installed his cronies.The DeSantis’ state government regime installed a puppet Board of Trustees at New College and invited a far-right commencement speaker for graduation.

Things did not go well. ? FORGET: Long-term HIV/AIDS survivors share their stories of health, resilience and hope, while also disclosing the areas in which they still need support. [CBS News]GRAMMAR POLICE: Two staff members at a university in New York claim they were fired for simply using pronouns in their email signature. [The Guardian]BOXERS OR BRIEFS: Lil Nas X‘s latest shirtless thirst trap included an unexpected underwear reveal.Lil Nas X via his Instagram Story PRIDE: Queer cowboys gather every year at this annual convention to celebrate community, sexual freedom and cultural identity.

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