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Patti LuPone on penis monsters, her gay fans & how Broadway has “bastardized itself”

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Beau Is Afraid. Joaquin Phoenix’s Beau spends much of the film’s runtime trying to reach her, but when he does, LuPone delivers a monologue so acid-tongued, so withering, you’ll think twice about the next time you ignore your own mother’s call.Are you surprised?

That’s just the power of Patti. Never one to hold her tongue, LuPone’s made headlines for telling off disrespectful audience members at her Broadway shows.

More recently, she shocked the industry by stepping away from Broadway entirely. But that big move has clearly paved the way for the next phase of her career, in which she’s more eager than ever to go “non-traditional” and step out of her comfort zone.

And if her barn-burner of a supporting turn in Beau Is Afraid is any indication, we’re all in for one hell of a show.With the film now playing in theaters everywhere, LuPone took a break from filming Marvel’s witchy new series, Agatha: Coven Of Chaos, and from touring the country with her one-woman show, “Don’t Monkey With Broadway” to talk to Queerty about what she considers the best role she’s ever had on film.And we couldn’t just stop there: Read on for more of LuPone’s famous hot takes on the current state of Broadway, Jinkx Monsoon, and her lifelong bond with her gay fans…QUEERTY: It’s such an honor to talk with you, Patti.

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