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Marvel Studios Loses Its Out Lesbian Executive

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The Hollywood Reporter.Alonso’s departure from Marvel Studios marks the end of an era. As one of the most influential executives in Hollywood, Alonso has played an instrumental role in shaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and pushing for greater representation in the industry.During her 17-year tenure at Marvel, Alonso helped turn the company from one that was squandering its intellectual property into one of the biggest money-makers in Hollywood.

She joined the firm before it became a powerhouse, and she was instrumental in the launch of the MCU.Her work paid off, as the franchise became the highest-grossing in film history, with many films grossing more than $1 billion.

She started by running visual effects for the company, but eventually worked her way to being a producer. She earned that title on dozens of films and even spearheaded Marvel’s move into TV as well.

In fact, she’s been a credited producer on every title released by the giant for many years now, which gives her one of the best track records of wins of anyone in the business.But Alonso’s impact on the industry extends far beyond her success at Marvel.

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